SIGMASYS Sinteso – the head of the family, with new authority

SIGMASYS was introduced in 1996 and has been continuously developed ever since. To prepare for the new Sinteso generation, both the hardware and the software were completely revamped - the system is now available as SIGMASYS Sinteso. SIGMASYS Sinteso panels can unite up to five detector technologies from the past 30 years. In addition, a powerful central processor SOC P and a networking module were developed in 2007.

With the intelligent Sinteso™ Move extension and modernization solution, existing SIGMASYS and SIGMASYS Sinteso systems can now be extended and modernized with state-of-the-art Sinteso detector technology. With the Sinteso Move network integrator, SIGMASYS can be integrated into the new Sinteso panels.

SIGMASYS references

SIGMASYS references

VAL BLU Resort Hotel &    
Spa, Bludenz, Austria

Haas House, Vienna, Austria

Airport Düsseldorf,

SIGMASYS C fire detection
system with 300 detectors to
monitor the hotel and the
social tract.

- 400 Sinteso smoke detectors
- Sinteso FDnet technology

- 21 SIGMASYS M panels
- approx. 7340 fire detectors
- 38 beam detectors
- 8 aspirating smoke detectors
- approx. 330 manual call points