BC80 / BC80A system overview

BC80 system

The BC80 system technology includes special patented process algorithms and ASICs. This increases immunity to environmental factors. For example, automatic drift compensation ensures that detector  sensitivity remains constant, even if the atmosphere around the sensor is unclean.

A BC80 installation grows with you. When you extend or convert your building, the BC80 installation can be easily expanded. Up to 32 control panels can be networked via the A-bus, while optional line or expansion cards increase the number of peripheral devices that can be connected

BC80 system graphic
Fig.: A-bus for connecting control panels, F-bus for connecting line devices, and B-bus for connecting up to 3 B-bus devices.

BC80A system

Certified version of the BC80 system. 

BC80A system graphic
Fig.: F-bus for connecting line devices.