About BC80

BC80 - Economical fire detection (Asia, South Americas)

Complete reliable, safe, and economical fire detection system. With the addressable BC80 (non UL System), Siemens offers a range of reliable fire safety products from fire detectors to control panels.

BC80A - Economical fire detection (UL approved)

BC80A is the certified version of the BC80 fire detection system. It is certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and applicable for the same building types like BC80.

Application areas

BC80 / BC80A is the dependable solution for various building types. For instance for:

BC80 application areas


Commercial buildings
Retail stores

Residential complexes

Other application areas:

  • Government buildings

  • Schools

  • Office buildings

Benefits at a glance

  • Brand quality from Siemens - for residential and commercial buildings

  • A flexible solution - expandable and compatible with future development

  • Economical - thanks to moderate investment costs

  • Fast implementation - with easy installation and commissioning