FibroLaser in road tunnels

Strong winds of up to 10 m/s swirl smoke and hot gases in road tunnels, so that the maximum temperatures do not occur necessarily at the spot of the fire source. This is the reason why FibroLaser measures both the convection and radiation heat to ensure a reliable fire detection and localization.

Market Specifics

More and more road traffic will be moved “underground” – in order to create more efficient connections and to relieve theburden on cities. Road tunnels and galleries are therefore the nerve centers of our mobile society. People, vehicles, and infrastructure must be protected here against the fire with maximum reliability.

FibroLaser road tunnel safety
With FibroLaser you don’t lose time: An open fire is located in less than 1 minute with a resolution of less than 3 m.


FibroLaser already renders reliable worldwide service in some of the most important road tunnels day by day:

  • Quick detection and precise localization  of the source of fire – for the selective activation of the appropriate systems from video surveillance and ventilation to the extinguishing system. 

  • Ascertainment of the size and direction of the fire-information which is crucial for fast and appropriate action by the fire department.


  • People, vehicles, and infrastructure are protected against fire with maximum reliability

  • Quick detection and precise localization of the source of fire even in the event of strong winds in road tunnels

  • Well-directed intervention thanks to the determination of the size and direction of fire

Examples from practical experience

  • Mont Blanc Tunnel (France)

  • Gotthard Tunnel (Switzerland)

  • Rennsteig Tunnel (Germany)

  • Lecco Tunnel (Italy)

  • Funing Tunnel (China)

  • KP Expressway (Singapore)