FibroLaser in rail tunnels

Electromagnetic fields, humidity, dust, dirt, and draft are the main challenges for reliable fire detection in train tunnels. The linear heat heat detection system (new: line type heat detection system) FibroLaser is well equipped for it and completely insensitive to such disturbances.

Market specifics

In these times of high-speed traffic, the number of rail tunnels has increased worldwide – and now include connections under the sea. Millions of people and thousands of tons of goods pass through them daily.


The functions in particular:

  • Exact localization of the source of a fire – only then systems or air hatches can be activated at the correct location.

  • Determination of the fire’s direction and size, so that the fire department can intervene quicker and with more precision.


  • Reliable and exact localization of the source of a fire

  • The fire department can intervene quicker and with more precision and can thus save lives

Examples from practical experience

  • Indra Railway Tunnel (Spain)

  • MRTA Metro Bangkok (Thailand)

  • Betuwe Route Railway Tunnel (The Netherlands)

  • Orte Railway Tunnel (Italy)