FibroLaser linear heat detection system

Cable tray or road tunnel – so different the installations, so clear the demands on fire protection: quick detection and localization of the fire source – and minimizing thetime until the fire alarm confirms. FibroLaser is a leader in both regards. Thus, the system satisfies the central requirements to prevent damage to lives and equipmentand to protect your business operation.

Reliability over the entire distance – up to 20 km

As a line type heat detection system, FibroLaser offers consistent safety overthe entire installation – with a detection area of up to two times 10 km in length. It meets the latest standards for line type heat detection. Through the certification of

  • the VdS according to Pr EN 54-22

  • FM accreditation

  • and many other international endorsementsthe doors are open to a broad range of applications.

FibroLaser linear heat detection system. An example.
FibroLaser linear heat detection system. An example.


  • Consistent safety, compliant with the relevant standards, for an area of up to 20 km in length

  • Highest precision and reliability under harsh environmental conditions

  • Extremely quick line type detection system with maximum safety against error

  • Fast alarming and safe evacuation thanks to pre-alarms and detailed information