FibroLaser in industrial applications

As a robust, maintenance-free system FibroLaser is the optimal heat detection system for areas subject to harsh environmental conditions, such as corrosive gases, high humidity or dirt and for areas, in which the sensor cannot be accessed any longer after the installation.

Market specifics

Fires can occur in many areas of sprawling facilities such as:

  • Conveyor belts

  • Cable trays

  • Manufacturing lines

  • Factory workshops

  • Parking slots

e.g. in the ceiling, walls, and perhaps even under the floor. But what is at first invisible has to be reliably recognized and located, in order to prevent the fire from growing rapidly and causing resulting massive damage.


In industrial applications FibroLaser assumes the function of:

  • Reliably registering even slight temperature increases

  • Sounding an alarm when the defined tolerance limits are reached


  • Preventing the fire from growing rapidly and causing massive damage under difficult   environmental conditions – without false alarms through deceptive phenomena

  • Reliable long-term protection, even for areas that are difficult to access, thanks to the maintenance-free sensor cable

  • Complete safety for long distances and wide areas

Examples from practical experience

  • Helsinki Energy (Finland)

  • Ontario Power Generation (Canada)

  • Power Plant Opatovice (Czech Republic)

  • OMV Refinery Schwechat (Austria)

  • Chi Ma Wan Cable Tray (Hong Kong)

  • London Gatwick International Airport (United Kingdom)

  • Bayer Leverkusen Laboratory (Germany)