Repeater panels include displays and terminals on floor level

Cerberus PRO floor repeater terminal and display

The floor repeater panels from Cerberus PRO include the floor repeater display FT2011 and the floor repeater terminal FT2010. Both give a quick overview on floor level. They display system messages in plain text from clearly defined monitoring zones, e.g. a hospital ward. The floor repeater display FT2011 provides a detailed overview of alarms and messages. The floor repeater terminal FT2010 additionally provides the same main operating functions as the control panel. A key is necessary to access and operate the floor repeater panels – increasing security.

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Power supply

Floor repeater terminal FT2010-A1

The FT2010 enables staff to control and operate events without having to be by the control panel. These devices communicate and are powered via a control panel’s C-NET. As a result, since no additional power supply or cabling is required, these devices can be used with great flexibility.

via C-NET or 70 W (optional)

Floor repeater display FT2011-A1

Messages from small monitoring zones, such as hospital wards, can be displayed via the FT2011 floor repeater display with the same event text as displayed at the control panel.

via C-NET
or 70 W (optional)