ASA fire detectors for sophisticated applications

Cerberus PRO detectors with unique ASAtechnology (ASA = Advanced Signal Analysis) quickly and reliably detect smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide. The intelligence of nine selectable parameter sets makes the detectors immune to deceptive phenomena, which in turn prevents unnecessary downtimes and costs caused by false alarms.

ASA parameter sets at a glance

ASA parameter sets at a glance
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ASAtechnology interprets the recorded signals in real time. The selected parameter set then dynamically adapts itself to the current situation. That means in case of a real fire, the ASA detector reacts more sensitively – and in case of deceptive phenomena, it is more robust. This makes ASA detectors the first choice for sophisticated applications in clean, moderate or harsh environments – such as multi-purpose halls, canteen kitchens, data centers or industrial production facilities.

ASA neural fire detectors

The portfolio of ASA detectors comprises: