Cerberus PRO – enjoy protecting

With CerberusTM PRO, you can meet any application:

  • from small to large and

  • from standard to sophisticated.

The powerful control panels give a quick and comprehensive overview of all system messages. They are easy to operate and even offer remote access. The Cerberus PRO panels can stand alone or be networked into very large, complex networks using innovative LAN technology. The intelligent detector family of Cerberus PRO answers all requirements from clean to harsh environments. They also provide a solution for CO detection, independent from fire. In areas with deceptive phenomena, the sophisticated ASA detectors are the ideal choice: they ensure highly reliable detection and even prevent false alarms. Special detectors and peripheral devices complete the portfolio of Cerberus PRO.

Cerberus PRO also offers unique system safety features:

  • Fire control panels provide degrade mode – even in case of a power failure, detectors communicate an alarm to the control panel and set off the connected sounders

  • Each fire detector and peripheral device has a built-in short circuit isolator – open or short circuits can be easily located

  • C-NET is installed as a ring line – if the line is interrupted at one point, information is redirected the other end to the panel, meaning alarms will still be transmitted

  • Line separators – placed on the C-NET where several stubs are connected to ensure they remain functional in case of a short circuit