A smart solution for fire protection with Cerberus FIT conventional system

Fire protection is all about protecting people and assets as well as securing business processes and continuity. With Cerberus™ FIT, we offer reliable and cost-efficient fire protection for various applications.

With approved system devices coming from one supplier you can be sure that everything has been designed to work perfectly together and when that supplier is Siemens you can feel confident that it will stay that way. The flexibility of the panels allows the system operation to be optimized for each application. The complete range of detectors means that fast reliable detection can be provided in every area.

FC120 control panels are a cost-efficient solution for small to medium-sized buildings. You benefit from quick and easy installation and little maintenance. They are compatible with the Cerberus 110- series from Siemens.

Easy control

The FC120 fire control panel lies at the heart of the Cerberus FIT conventional system. Intuitive operation buttons and informative display indication ensure quick and easy operation. Furthermore, system testing can be performed with confidence using clear, concise controls and indicators.

Highest reliability and long life cycle

The Cerberus FIT conventional detectors utilize intelligent algorithm technology to quickly and accurately detect fires while minimizing false alarms. The patented labyrinth coupled with drift compensation extends the lifespan of the detectors by countering the buildup of dust and dirt. When a detector reaches its compensation limits, a yellow LED indication tells the user it is time to exchange the device in order to avoid future instability. A green wiring check LED helps locate wiring faults and therefore significantly reduces fault finding costs and downtime. In short, Cerberus FIT provides safe, reliable and convenient detection with low lifetime costs.