System overview Sinorix H₂O Jet

Sinorix H2O Jet mirrors our extensive expertise and profound know-how: with the Siemens patented nozzle technology and the use of the innovative Sinorix CDT (Constant Discharge Technology) that provides constant flooding. Sinorix H2O Jet is highly flexible and can be used for object and volumetric protection to control or even extinguish open fires. Thus, a single object can be protected in a targeted way, or an object and its surrounding area within a defined radius. Sinorix H2O Jet is a low-pressure system with less than 16 bar – reaching the same effectiveness as a high-pressure system because it mixes nitrogen with water. The nitrogen therefore acts as propellant for the water and is carried by the same piping network.

Concept example
Concept example

The combination of the nozzles with the two-phase flow technology results in fine water droplets at low hydraulic pressure. This offers advantages such as the use of simple galvanized pipes as well as autonomous systems with steel tanks. In addition, the moderate water quality requirements ensure efficient operation. Only droplets of the right size can provide maximum cooling. This is why Siemens carefully considers the risks of fire for a particular application to decide how Sinorix H2O Jet droplets should best be formed. Choosing the appropriate nozzle either for object or volumetric protection ensures droplets of the most effective size.

Sinorix H2O Jet extinguishing solution

Nozzle pressure

5 – 8 bar (object protection), 10 – 15 bar (volumetric protection)

Nozzle opening

1 – 3 mm

Droplet velocity

50 – 150 m/s

Droplet size

150 – 200 μm

Jet length

Up to 8 m (nozzle for object protection)

Nozzle coverage area

25 m2 (nozzle for volumetric protection)

Piping network

Galvanized steel pipes, designed for 16 bar

Gas content by mass


Water quality

Low requirements (filtered water)


Nozzle for object protection based on Laval principle