System overview Sinorix H₂O Gas

During a fire, Sinorix™ H2O Gas floods an area simultaneously with both nitrogen and water mist for ideal protection from combustion, smoke, and heat damage. Both extinguishing agents are carried by the same piping network and are distributed by the same nozzles to the flooding zone. Nitrogen is used as the extinguishing agent and as the propellant for the water, modifying the dispersement and softening the initial burst of gas. Thanks to the water component, reignition is not possible.

Sinorix H2O Gas application example


  1. Fire detection and extinguishing control panel

  2. Fire detector

  3. Aspirating smoke detector

  4. Combined sounder beacon

  5. Electrical manual actuator for extinguishing system

  6. Warning display

  7. Extinguishing agent cylinders with nitrogen and water

  8. Piping network with nozzles

  9. Overpressure flap

The extinguishing system is laid out using a specifically developed calculation program. The program was tested and approved by VdS as part of its system approval.

Sinorix H2O Gas / extinguishing agent evaluation chart

Sinorix H₂O Gas minimizes secondary damage with its fine spraying technology, which requires only 30 - 80 liters of water for each 100 cubic meters of space. It generates ultrafine droplets with a diameter of 10 - 50 μm. The smaller the droplets are, the larger their relative surface area is, and the greater the cooling effect they have. As a result, exposed surfaces are coated with only a very thin layer of water. This is usually harmless, even on electrical equipment, because the water normally evaporates within a few minutes.

The water mist additionally removes toxic fumes from the air. This protects the health of people in the affected area and prevents smoke damage to property. Moreover, the area can be entered and utilized sooner because the removal of the toxic fumes restores visibility very quickly.

Sinorix H2O Gas extinguishing solution

Extinguishing agents

Nitrogen (N₂) and water (H₂O)

Nozzle pressure

10 – 60 bar

Droplet speed

50 – 150 m/s

Droplet size

10 – 50 μm

Coverage from each nozzle

30 m2

Piping network

Galvanized steel pipes, designed for 60 bar operating pressure

Amount of water

0.3 – 0.8 kg/m3 (according to risk of fire)


Class A, B, and C fires

Flooding time

60 – 120 s


VdS (S307002)