About Sinorix H₂O Gas

Sinorix H2O visual

Sinorix H₂O Gas is a high-efficiency combination of nitrogen with a cooling water mist. To make your system as efficient as possible, we tailor it exactly to your specific applications and fire risks – from system design and piping networks to individual components. In an emergency, your system will release a precisely calculated and carefully balanced mixture of nitrogen and water mist over the required extinguishing zone. This ensures that the fire is extinguished quickly and safely. At the same time, Sinorix H₂O Gas also provides reliable protection of both people and the environment – thanks to its natural and nonhazardous extinguishing agents.

At the international Security Trade Fair Essen a panel of security and fire safety experts has recently rewarded Sinorix H₂O Gas with the Security Innovation Award 2008


  • Tailored solution from one source, from risk assessment to maintenance

  • Ideal solution for smoldering and deep-seated fires

  • Reliable extinguishing, prevention of reignition

  • Highly flexible to fulfill any type of engineering requirement

  • Scalable from small to big multi-sector systems

  • Standard galvanized steel network can be used

  • Discharge within 120 seconds

  • Extinguishing in a fraction of this time