System overview Sinorix CDT

Sinorix CDT (Constant Discharge Technology) is a regulated extinguishing system that uses nitrogen or argon as an extinguishing agent. A conventional unregulated extinguishing system follows an exponential discharge characteristic with a significant peak at the beginning of the discharge. The Sinorix CDT technology consists of a cylinder valve with a pressure-regulating function which discharges the gas into the flooding zone at constant mass flow throughout the entire flooding time. This eliminates the peak at the beginning of the discharge and thus lowers the maximum noise level. Thanks to the constant mass flow, the cross-section of the pipes can also be dimensioned smaller than with conventional unregulated extinguishing systems, and the size of the overpressure flaps can be reduced by up to 70%. Thus, Sinorix CDT is especially suited for interior or cellar rooms, where large overpressure flaps are hard to install due to structural conditions.

Sinorix CDT is applicable for both single and multi-sector systems and can be tailored for a wide range of applications. It is possible to position the cylinder battery either centrally or decentrally.

Sinorix CDT is designed using a calculation program tested and approved by VdS. Depending on the level of risk of fire and the individual requirements, the quantity of extinguishing agent, the cross-section of the pipes, number and drilling of nozzles are all calculated to fit the specific application precisely.