Applications and references Sinorix CDT

Typical applications

  • Data centers and server rooms

  • Telecommunication systems

  • Cable ducts

  • Electrical switching rooms

  • Control rooms

  • Technical and machine rooms

Application example for rooms in underground floors

1  Fire detection and extinguishing control panel
2  Fire detector
3  Aspirating smoke detector
4  Alarm sounder
5  Combined sounder beacon
6  Extinguishing agent cylinders
7  Piping network with nozzles
8  Overpressure duct


Reference – University hospital Freiburg, Germany

Sinorix CDT offered the ideal protection for the interior server and electrical switching rooms as well as for the other rooms of the data center. Thanks to Sinorix CDT, overpressure flaps could be dimensioned considerably smaller in size compared to standard nitrogen extinguishing systems.

Reference Sinorix CDT University Freiburg, Germany