Agent overview Sinorix CDT

Sinorix CDT uses the inert gases nitrogen or argon for extinguishing. Inert gases extinguish a fire by reducing the oxygen volume concentration in the protected area – to a level at which the fire can no longer burn. Nitrogen and argon excel thanks to their excellent extinguishing properties for fire classes A, B, C and D.

Nitrogen and argon are harmless to the environment and safe for people. Ambient air, for example, naturally contains the two gases. Depending on the risk of fire and national guidelines, Sinorix inert gas extinguishing systems are designed as people-safe systems.

Nitrogen and argon have poor electric conductive properties and are chemically inert. As a result, they do not create any harmful reaction products. This allows optimal protection of critical applications with electric and electronic equipment like data centers or server rooms.

Using pure inert gases instead of a mixture of different gases facilitates refilling because pure gases are widely available. Easy refilling minimizes the downtime of the extinguishing system after a discharge – and also reduces costs.