System overview Sinorix al-deco PLUS

With Sinorix al-deco PLUS, fires are detected and extinguished purely pneumatically – with no electrical source and independently of the machine tool. As a result, Sinorix al-deco PLUS is insensitive to all kinds of technical interferences, and it is immune to deception. This ensures continuous machine operation and reduces maintenance.

Sinorix al-deco PLUS object protection systems meet the highest safety requirements of the new machine directive 2006/42/EC. Dual-secured wiring, combined with redundant and self-monitoring components, help make this possible. Thanks to this technology, the machine tool cannot be operated until successful completion of a system check – and the machine door is unlocked only after successful and tested blocking of the extinguishing activation.

The extinguishing agent used with Sinorix al-deco PLUS is a pure natural gas which has poor electric conductive properties and is chemically inert. This means that there will be no harmful reaction products when it comes into contact with fire, and it is environmentally friendly.

All safety-relevant functions and operation data are monitored online, indicated by acoustic and optical signals in the event of an incident and recorded in a long-term memory. All data can be read out and evaluated at any time via a USB interface.The intended functions must only be performed if they do not endanger the safety and health of persons. This is especially important when oxygen-displacing extinguishing agents are used. Sinorix al-deco PLUS therefore provides the following features:

  • The object protection system is never activated while the machine door is unlocked

  • After extinguishing, the door remains locked and can be opened only with a security key by an expert

  • During normal operation, the door can be opened only if the extinguishing activation is blocked

System integrators and system operators alike benefit from the innovative concept that redefines the safety aspects of the Sinorix al-deco PLUS object protection system. No matter if Sinorix al-deco PLUS is integrated during machine production or afterwards on the premises of the machine manufacturer or in the operator’s plant – it always ensures protection of people and machines. The services from Siemens can be customized to the user’s specific requirements.