System overview Sinorix 1230

SinorixTM 1230 is an innovative solution that reduces the risk of fire damage in critical applications and sensitive equipment. At a proper system design concentration the extinguishing agent 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid absorbs sufficient heat to upset the balance of the fire. This cooling effect is supported by the oxygen reduction in the flame due to the volumetric expansion of the molecules. The high efficiency of the Sinorix 1230 system allows using a low extinguishing concentration. As a result, you need to store only a relatively small amount of the extinguishing agent to safely protect rooms. Additionally, the minimum 10 bar at the nozzle concept used by Siemens ensures fast and full evaporation of the Novec 1230 fluid, minimizing extinguishing times.

Compact system designs are possible as Sinorix 1230 works with the Novec 1230 fluid which offers the lowest design concentration of all currently authorized extinguishing agents. Fewer cylinders and less space are needed for installation and storage because the liquid agent Novec 1230 fluid is stored in cylinders pressurized with 42-bar nitrogen.

Sinorix 1230 sytem overview


  1. Fire detection and extinguishing control panel

  2. Fire detector

  3. Aspirating smoke detector

  4. Combined sounder beacon

  5. Alarm sounder

  6. Electrical manual actuator for extinguishing system

  7. Emergency stop button for extinguishing system

  8. Warning display

  9. Extinguishing agent cylinders with Novec 1230 fluid

  10. Piping network with nozzles

  11. Overpressure flap

Siemens' high-pressure technology allows higher design flexibility and enables the realization of larger and more complex piping networks compared to low-pressure systems.

Special software precisely calculates the ideal layout of the piping network, so you get an optimal solution tailored to your individual needs. Sinorix 1230 systems can easily be adapted to existing ones with few alterations.

Technical overview

Sinorix 1230 extinguishing solution


42-bar technology with nozzle pressure of 10 bar


Equally effective for fires of class A and B


– System approvals: VdS, CNPP
– System standards: ISO 14520-1, EN 15004, EN 12094
– Software: VdS
– Agent: VdS, LPCB, FM-UL, APSAD, NFPA 2001, ISO 14520-5
Positively tested, rated, and approved by various international organizations (Gelsenkirchen Hygiene Institut, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, etc.)

Extinguishing agent

3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid

Agent characteristics

Liquid at atmospheric pressure, colorless, odorless

Environmental regulations

– Not restricted by F-Gas Regulation
– Not part of Kyoto Protocol

GWP (global warming potential)


ALT (atmospheric lifetime)

3 – 5 days

NOAEL (no observable adverse effect level)


ODP (ozone depletion potential)