Siemens among the first to provide extinguishing solutions 100 years ago

As far back as a hundred years ago, Siemens installed one of the first automated CO₂ based extinguishing systems. The fundamental concept behind fixed extinguishing systems remains applicable even today: fire detection and extinguishing technologies are interlinked. These technologies have been continually under development, with Siemens continuing to take a leading market position.

Back in 1910, Siemens & Halske AG first introduced an extinguishing system far ahead of its time and set a standard valid even today: the use of carbon dioxide (CO₂) as an extinguishing agent – instead of water – in combination with reliable fire detection technology. Carbon dioxide extinguishes fires effectively using oxygen displacement (inerting), leaves no residues and has poor electric conductive properties. For this reason, CO₂ does not cause any damage to machines and systems. Seen from today's vantage point, it is much easier to appreciate how path-breaking the automated CO₂ based systems of that time were. Present-day Sinorix extinguishing systems work with natural or chemical extinguishing agents, as gas/water-combined or water mist systems. Insofar as inert gases are concerned, a choice was made to go with nitrogen (N₂), argon (Ar) or carbon dioxide (CO₂). As was the case earlier, extinguishing is effected by reducing the oxygen concentration in the air. Thus Siemens opted for an extinguishing process a hundred years ago that meets the standards for fire safety technology still today.