Sinorix Silent Extinguishing Technology for data centers and server rooms

Data centers and server rooms are at the heart of the modern business world. Millions of servers worldwide process ever-increasing quantities of data throughout a global network of several billion devices. Losing data can be devastating for companies ‒ the potential consequences range from losing money and damage to their reputations to having to close down. So in the event of a fire, every second counts. That is why a solid fire safety concept is essential and dry extinguishing systems are recommended for data centers with their diverse electrical hazards and high availability requirements.

Several years ago the fire protection industry became aware of potential disruptions to magnetic hard disk drives and storage systems during the discharge of gas extinguishing systems. Siemens analyzed the problem and the findings concluded that magnetic hard disk drives are noise sensitive. Having always been a pioneer in the development of advanced extinguishing technologies, Siemens decided to develop products and systems that answer this challenge. With the unique Sinorix™ Silent Extinguishing Technology, Siemens is now offering safe and quiet extinguishing for data centers and server rooms. The heart of the technology is the Sinorix Silent Nozzle. The Silent Nozzle and associated measures can prevent noise-induced disruptions to hard disk drives and entire storage systems in data centers and server rooms.