Sinorix Silent Nozzle in combination with Sinorix CDT – using inert gases – for safe and quiet extinguishing in data centers and server rooms.

Sinorix Silent Extinguishing Technology from Siemens reliably protects IT operations and minimizes the risk of business interruptions following a fire extinguishing system discharge. The heart of the technology is the Sinorix Silent Nozzle. It is ideally suited for use with Sinorix CDT systems.

Sinorix CDT is a regulated extinguishing system that uses inert gas as extinguishing agent. What makes Sinorix CDT outstanding is its cylinder valve, which has a pressure-regulating function. It allows the extinguishing agent to be released into the flooding zone at constant mass flow throughout the entire flooding time. This eliminates the peak at the beginning of a discharge and thus lowers the noise level. Inert gases are environmentally friendly, offer outstanding extinguishing properties for electrical hazards and do not leave any residue when deployed.