Is an electro-acoustic voice alarm system only useful in an emergency?

Not at all. During normal operations voice alarm systems from Siemens provide operational “community service” and thus help ensure higher sales, greater convenience and a streamlined business process for customers.

Since such systems are designed for emergencies, they have an extremely high level of reliability and quality. A future-proof design allows the public address (PA) system to be used for daily activities as well – for example in hotels, restaurants, airports and train stations.

Voice alarm systems for daily operations
Voice alarm systems from Siemens can be used virtually anywhere – from industrial plants, office buildings and schools to shopping centers, hotels and residential complexes, as well as parking garages and exhibition halls.

The various PA zones support individual announcements (such as paging a specific person), advertising, general announcements or music, for example subtle background music in a hotel lobby or event music in a bar. This is achieved through a highly modular, networkable system architecture, which allows the same content to be played in different zones or customized to each one.

The quality and reliability required for evacuation scenarios also benefits daily operations. Increased intelligibility of speech is of vital importance, particularly in difficult environments such as airports or train stations.

This makes train station announcements that are loud but incomprehensible a thing of the past.