Knowledge protects operations and can save lives

The goal of any evacuation measure is to guide people from the danger zone as quickly, and above all as safely, as possible. Persons should be encouraged to save themselves and any risks created by mental or physical barriers should be minimized.

The only way to achieve this is by providing clear, unambiguous announcements and instructions containing the required information. In addition to visual indication of the escape route (green LED lights along the floor), the most effective solution is an electro-acoustic emergency guidance system that provides acoustic alarms and spoken instructions.

Knowledge protects operations and can save lives
Voice announcements provide information about the recommended escape routes – and the routes to avoid.

An emergency signaling system using conventional devices such as sirens often does not have the desired effect. Typically, when people hear an alarm, they think that an emergency should be accompanied by smell or noise. When these cues are missing, they implicitly assume that it is a false alarm – an assumption that can be fatal.

Siemens offers holistic concepts and solutions to safely and promptly alert customers, visitors and employees in an emergency and to ask them to leave the danger zone.

The benefits of voice alarms include the following:

  • Informed persons respond quickly and reasonably, allowing them to effectively save themselves.

  • If an alarm is substantiated, people accord the information they receive the proper weight and accept that the measures are necessary.

  • Affected persons receive instructions that correspond to the situation.

  • Announcements can be adapted to actions in progress and can refer to special situations and hazards.

  • Announcements can be multilingual.

Knowledge can save lives, maintain business operations and protect a company’s good reputation.