Integrated Fire Damper Control

Integrated fire damper control, reliable fire detection and comfortable building management – all in one system

Reliable fire controls can save lives

Fire protection systems have to be highly reliable. One of their core tasks is fire control. In case of an event, they trigger acoustic and optical warning signals and have an impact on the technical systems of the building control. For example, they take elevators into a defined floor, open the elevator doors, close doors between the individual fire zones and influence the ventilation system. Closing fire dampers seals off individual fire zones from fire smoke and prevents it from spreading. In corridors and escape routes, smoke dampers are opened to let poisonous combustion gas dissipate for safe evacuation. Through targeted overpressure, the overpressure ventilation system also keeps escapes routes free from smoke.

Innovative solution from Siemens

Siemens offers a unique, intelligent solution for reliable fire detection and efficient fire damper control – integrated into a management platform. This helps save both time and effort.

Fire dampers can be easily and efficiently integrated into fire protection systems, management platforms and automation stations from Siemens.