NK8000 network solution

NK8000 is the network solution to connect various safety and security units to the DMS8000 management station products. It is a family of network products specifically designed to serve systems of different sizes. The subsystems are connected via NK8000 Ethernet ports to the network. NK8000 is based on LAN standards, TCP/IP, Ethernet and BACnet/IP.


The NK8000 product family includes:

  • NK8232 Ethernet port – offers up to four serial lines and one LON bus

  • NK8235 Ethernet port – with BACnet gateway, up to four serial lines and one LON bus

  • NK8237 Modbus gateway – provides for bi-directional Modbus RTU and TCP/IP connectivity to the fire detection system

NK8000 network solution


Benefits at a glance

  • One Ethernet network for the management level and the connection to the safety and security systems in the automation level

  • NK8000 products can share existing IT infrastructure

  • One network type for local systems, campus-size systems and wide area extension systems

  • Safe and easy interactions with no needs of higher level systems

  • Configuration and download of configuration or firmware from remote centre