Cerberus DMS – A new view on building protection

Whether you need a simple application for fire operation or an advanced application for a complex industrial site, Cerberus DMS supports you in making your building protection smarter, more efficient and flexible.

Managing your fire safety and security systems doesn't have to be complicated.
Cerberus DMS is a customizable danger management station that makes building protection smarter, easier and more flexible. It gives you the power to respond to life safety as well as security events quickly and reliably. Integrated and harmonized workflows guarantee a quick and focused overview during events and fail-proof operation of the connected safety and security systems.
Based on leading technology from Siemens, Cerberus DMS addresses your immediate
system needs and also accommodates future expansions by integrating multi disciplines
like fire safety and security with access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance.

  • Perfectly protected right from day one

    Enhanced life safety and business continuity

    Optimized operational costs and productivity

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  • Intelligent security solutions and services

    Low life cycle costs because the system can grow with changes in the buildings

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  • Interview with Susanne C. Seitz

    Investment protection and increased building safety by totally adapting to the customer's neds

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  • Intelligent security solutions and services

    Increased efficiency and productivity by reducing configuration times

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Application areas


small to medium size hotel

Customer needs

  • Avoid unnecessary evacuations of hotel guests and personnel

  • Fast and accurate response in the event of a fire alarm, with graphical overview and guidance through predefined steps

  • Efficient maintenance planning and management

Our solutions

  • Initialize verification very quickly

  • Avoid escalation of false alarms

  • Immediate and clear notification of an event via various channels (display of floor plans, remote and mobile app notification)

  • Disarm fire detectors, activate detector test mode

  • Fire supervision at the reception desk as well as via mobile app

University campus

University campus

Customer needs

  • Manage multiple systems (fire safety, access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance) in a uniform way across geo- graphically extended area

  • Fast and correct guidance of the intervention forces

  • Handle emergency situations confidently, without panic

  • Report all events: Incidents and maintenance activities

Our solutions

  • Immediate and clear notification of an event

  • Verification actions assure the validity of fire and security alarms

  • Automatic actions to reduce response time

  • Integrated and harmonized workflow of multiple disciplines

  • Homogeneous event treatment

  • All activities are automatically logged

  • Detailed reports can be generated

  • Control room manned 24/7