Everything you need for comprehensive fire safety

With 160 years of experience in fire safety, Siemens can provide all the required products, systems, and solutions.

Fire safety today requires a comprehensive understanding of safety needs and innovative solutions. As a leading international provider of fire safety technology, we have learned how fires work. This knowledge has contributed to the development of our high-quality fire safety products, systems, and solutions.

Incorporated in a concept tailored to your requirements, they provide unique protection:

  • Early and reliable fire detection

  • Clear and fast alarming and evacuation processes

  • Intelligent extinguishing tailored to each room‘s requirements

All of these elements are at the core of a comprehensive fire safety solution. Only if all of them are present can you be assured that the people in your building are safe and your assets and business processes are protected.

Security solutions


Building solutions


Market-specific solutions


Every fire safety market has different requirements when it comes to fire protection. That’s why a solid fire safety concept is needed, customized to the individual on-site needs. With our complete fire safety portfolio of unique and intelligent technologies, you always have the ideal solution for your fire safety market at hand.

 Fire safety markets Life safety

Siemens offers you a comprehensive service offering that is designed to enhance performance, deliver investment protection, and create real value over the entire lifecycle of your facility and your fire safety system.

 Fire safety services

Our portfolio covers all aspects of fire safety,  including fire detection, evacuation, voice alarm, extinguishing, and  solutions for danger management.

 Danger management Detection portfolio Detection components Evacuation and voice alarm Extinguishing

Focus market Hotel

Hotels are concerned with the safety of employees, guests, and suppliers. Fire incidents result in financial losses as well as severe damage in a hotel’s reputation. Find out more about our fire safety solutions for the market Hotel.

Advantage Engineering

Advantage Engineering – the intelligent and comprehensive fire safety offering for architects and engineers.


Ikea Retail Store

Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey

Istanbul Aydin University had to replace its existing fire protection system. They decided to modernize with Cerberus PRO from Siemens.

Ikea Retail Store

Radisson Blue Plaza Hotel Ljubljana, Slovenia

To increase the safety and comfort of their guests, the Radisson Blue Plaza Hotel Ljubljana needed a smart solution. The Siemens Solution Partner installed a Cerberus PRO fire protection system as well as a range of building automation solutions.

A trusted partner for Toronto

G1 Group, Edinburgh, Scotland

The customer was experiencing high numbers of false alarms with their existing  equipment. The powerful Cerberus PRO ASA detector solved their problem with false alarms; and the existing cabling could be re-used, which spared the customer an expensive new installation.

Vatican City State

Polcom data center, Skawina, Poland

Data centers have special requirements when it comes to fire safety. The Siemens Solution Partner Supober installed the Sinorix Silent Extinguishing Technology, combining the Sinorix Silent Nozzle with Sinorix CDT, a regulated extinguishing system that uses nitrogen.

Government Buildings Brandenburg

Al Hamra Business Tower, Kuwait

The highest tower in Kuwait houses 62 office floors as well as a large shopping center. High-rise buildings like the Al Hamra need a reliable fire safety solution that includes voice evacuation. See how Siemens provided a perfect solution with the FireFinder XLSV.

Atlantis The Palm Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Polish Maritime Museum, Gdansk, Poland

The Polish Maritime Museum in Gda?sk is the largest museum of its kind in Poland. The main building, the Granaries on O?owianka Island, was built in the late Middle Ages. To ensure maximum protection of visitors, irreplaceable historic objects, and the unique building structure, the museum wanted to replace its 15-year-old fire alarm system.

Chicago Ohare Internationale Airport

Public Transport Museum in the Hague, the Netherlands

The Hague Public Transport Museum is housed in the old Remise Frans Halsstraat tram depot. The depot, built in 1906, is on the national list of historic buildings and was renovated in 1990. Today the museum also functions as an event and conference center, which made a reliable and customized fire safety installation even more important.


Tettnang Castle, Germany

Tettnang Castle is located in Germany's beautiful Upper Swabia region. This historically important landmark was designed and furnished in the eighteenth century.  For the museum and offices, which are housed in historic rooms, the customer needed a fire protection system that would preserve the valuable interior in two ways: with reliable fire detection and a wireless installation.


The Mall Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom

The Mall Maidstone hosts 75 shops on 535,000 square feet (49,700 m2) of retail space. It is one of the most important shopping centers in the county town of Kent. Roughly 30,000 people visit The Mall Maidstone every day. The existing fire safety system had exceeded its lifecycle and was very outdated.

    Perfectly protected right from day one

    Fire safety in hotels

    How can I make my hotel a safer place?
    Fire incidents not only result in financial losses, they also severely damage a hotel's reputation. Find out more about our fire safety solutions for the fire safety market Hotel.

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    Intelligent security solutions and services

    Fire safety in data centers

    What's most important in a data center?
    Data centers are the heart of a company's information structure. They are extremely critical assets because the loss of data can be devastating. Find out more about our fire safety solutions for the fire safety market Data Center.

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    Intelligent security solutions and services

    Fire safety in historic buildings

    Is it possible to protect a historic building and preserve its valuable structure?
    Fire and the resulting damage pose a high risk to historic buildings. Each major incident in recent years has resulted in monetary losses as well as the loss of irreplaceable items. Find out more about our fire safety solutions for the fire safety market Historic Building.

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    Intelligent security solutions and services

    Sinorix Compact - easy, unique, all-in-one fire safety

    Witness a live test and learn more about Sinorix Compact, the easy, unique, and all-in-one fire safety system from Siemens.

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    Intelligent security solutions and services

    Intelligent offering for fire safety

    Advantage Engineering: the intelligent and comprehensive fire safety offering for architects and engineers. With Siemens, you can offer your customers comprehensive fire safety for any application and environmental condition.

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    Intelligent security solutions and services

    Sinorix Silent Extinguishing Technology - experience the difference

    Sinorix Silent Extinguishing Technology from Siemens keeps the noise during the discharge of a gas extinguishing system below the level that has been found to pose a risk to HDDs.

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    Intelligent security solutions and services

    Extinguishing effects on server operation

    This live demonstration shows the effect and the efficiency of three different extinguishing technologies on server operation.

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    Intelligent security solutions and services

    Sinorix - intelligent extinguishing from Siemens

    A perfect fire protection solution requires technology and expertise. Learn more on how to start with extinguishing from Siemens.

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