Safeguarding our future!

Advanced fire protection for universities – safeguarding students, buildings and research assets.

Safeguarding educational facilities is a challenge: it involves protecting the lives of thousands of people, ensuring uninterrupted learning as well as keeping buildings, unique documents and research assets safe. Siemens offers an advanced portfolio for reliable fire protection for all campus applications – student accommodation, research facilities, event venues and server rooms – each of which has its own specific challenges. The offering from Siemens covers all aspects of fire safety: false alarm-free early fire detection, orderly evacuation, safe extinguishing and a large, fail-safe system network for the entire campus.

Fire safety in universities involves various challenges

Protecting students, buildings and research assets

  • Ensuring life safety for thousands of people, 24/7

  • Enabling safe, uninterrupted learning and living on campus

  • Protecting irreplaceable documents and high-value research assets

Siemens offers specific solutions to ensure maximum protection of people, buildings and assets

Optimal adaptation to any building structure across the campus

  • Highest safety thanks to EN 54-approved fiber-optic network

  • High performance network allowing fast evacuation and control functions across the network

  • Open Bacnet protocol allowing seamless integration of different campus systems

No more false alarms

  • Early and reliable detection (ASAtechnology™)

  • Immunity against deceptive phenomena such as cigarette smoke, steam, aerosols, kitchen fumes

Flexible solutions to ensure fire safety

  • Automatic adaption of detection to suit individual events

  • Ingenious programming options for different evacuation and fire protection strategies

Comprehensive portfolio to suit your application

  • Unrivalled application support based on more than 160 years of experience

  • Complete detection portfolio including flame, ASD, hazardous area and linear detection