Energy Efficiency Program

Maximum energy efficiency for existing buildings – Reduce energy cost

Environmental protection, energy efficiency and optimized use of resources are key concerns for economical and sustainable production. The greatest potential for conserving resources and lowering energy costs lies in the efficient use of energy. 

The Siemens Energy Efficiency Program helps modernize existing infrastructures, such as production plants. This leads to greater energy efficiency, fewer CO2 emissions and lower operating costs – all with a short payback period.

State-of-the-art technology for existing buildings

The Energy Efficiency Program follows a standardized procedure. First, energy experts conduct a careful analysis of the production facility to determine the energy consumption and related environmental impact. The resulting report demonstrates the potential for saving energy.

In a second step, a comprehensive, customized package of improvement measures is compiled on the basis of this systematic assessment.

Once the measures have been implemented, continuous energy monitoring conducted by the Siemens Advantage Operation Center (AOC) ensures that the systems are available and continuously optimized. These steps ensure that the energy efficiency level achieved is retained and perfected even further

With energy performance contracting, Siemens also offers a type of contract in which necessary investments are financed through guaranteed savings in energy and operating costs.


  • Can be adapted to companies and infrastructures of any size

  • Energy efficiency is increased through the use of cutting-edge technologies

  • Reduces operating costs and conserves resources

  • Short payback periods