Desigo – the building management system that is writing history

Learn more about Desigo™, the only system in the world for the efficient control, regulation, and optimization of a single system or several systems in a building.

Buildings are the heart of modern life. Individuals currently spend about 90 percent of their time in buildings – and building requirements and optimization potential are correspondingly high. On average, operating costs account for 80 percent of total building costs. The Desigo™ building management system is flexibly programmable, scalable, and features a modular design; as a result, it offers you myriad possibilities to exploit the potential of your buildings. With the Desigo CC™ building management platform, for example, you can control and optimize individual or multiple systems in a building or building complex. In rooms, Desigo™ Total Room Automation offers easy control and optimization of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and shading.



The Desigo portfolio

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Desigo CC

Desigo CC

Desigo TRA

Desigo TRA

Easy building management and low maintenance costs

With tested applications and energy-saving and monitoring functions on all system levels, the Desigo building management system helps reduce energy costs over the long term. Its uniform engineering and intuitive operation as well as a library with tested applications simplify installation and maintenance.

Open communication standards mean maximum compatibility with IT and building technology and ensure that building management will be compatible with future technologies – which means that your investment is protected.

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Getting to the heart of building performance

Desigo CC is the central platform that you can use to holistically control individual or multiple building systems. The excellent data analysis offered by Desigo CC gives you a solid foundation for making decisions. Thanks to numerous communication protocols and IT standards, you can ensure continuously optimized building operation across systems, minimized downtimes, and maximum building performance.

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Innovative technology, that minimizes maintenance costs

The intelligent Desigo Total Room Automation (TRA) system adjusts heating, ventilation, and air conditioning as well as lighting and shading for optimal room temperature, optimal air quality, and pleasant lighting in any situation. This results in a high level of user satisfaction, greater work productivity, and significantly reduced energy costs. A comprehensive tested application library for planning and commissioning – as well as plug-and-play peripherals that can be commissioned and replaced without engineering or the use of tools – help minimize maintenance costs.

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Easy integration and flexible expansion thanks to system openness

One of Desigo’s key basic principles is consistent openness: The corresponding communication protocols and IT standards allow you to integrate different systems as well as third-party devices. Desigo’s modular design means an easy startup, while Desigo’s guaranteed migration capability provides long-term investment security.

Modular design for individual requirements

Thanks to its modular concept, Desigo grows along with your building management requirements. You can flexibly tailor the system to new conditions at any time and gradually integrate new systems. Desigo is appropriate for commercial buildings of all sizes as well as for distributed building complexes and campus infrastructures. Thanks to its modularity and flexibility, Desigo protects your investments and helps you plan the future of your company.

Single discipline

Single discipline

Combi discipline

Combi disciplines

Multi discipline

Multi disciplines



Easily operate buildings more efficiently

Desigo is the most comprehensive system in the world for building automation, and it is continuously being refined. With Desigo, you can use a single intuitive platform to easily control, regulate, and optimize your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and shading, energy management, fire safety, and security systems, including access control, video surveillance, and intrusion protection. That pays off with the following compelling benefits:

Erhöhte Gebäudeperformance

Increased building performance

The holistic control of your building exploits hidden potential.

Optimierte Sicherheit

Reliable safety and security

With an intelligent integrated system, you will prevent problems before they arise.

Niedrigere Kosten

Lower costs

The consistent use of all synergies reduces operating costs by as much as 20 percent.

Verbessertes Image

Improved image

Thanks to seamless management, your company and your buildings will be sitting pretty – and you will too.

Mehr Komfort

Optimal working environment

Coordination of all systems creates a comfortable work environment where everyone can focus on their work.



Desigo in real-life installations

Fraunhofer CSE

Fraunhofer CSE

Boston, USA

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning – at Fraunhofer CSE in Boston, all the systems are integrated into the Desigo CC building management platform and can be controlled from there. The graphical interface enables users to access any installed device. In addition, Desigo CC collects data like temperature and CO2 concentration, which can be used to further optimize the building automation.

Schwäbisch Media

Schwäbisch Media

Ravensburg, Germany

As part of the Desigo building management system, Desigo Total Room Automation provides comfort, good air quality, and optimal lighting conditions at the room level while ensuring low energy consumption. Schwäbisch Media, the publisher of Schwäbische Zeitung, emphasized a sustainable building concept at its new headquarters in Ravensburg and decided on Desigo TRA to ensure optimal workplace conditions.

O'Hare International Airport

O'Hare International Airport

Chicago, USA

As an open platform, Desigo CC regulates building management, energy consumption, and fire safety systems equally in Terminal 3 of Chicago’s international airport. With 40,000 data points, the building management system is controlled from 24 management platforms. Fire safety and access control round out the technology package that protects all airport occupants.