Communicating room controllers – RXL (BUS)

RXL controllers – the favorably priced HVAC controller range for individual rooms

The RXL controller range comprises innovative room controllers and room units for cost-effective room management. Data communication is based on a proprietary Desigo bus, which provides the transition to BACnet®. RXL controllers thus fit into the overall expandable modular system, ensuring long-term cost effectiveness. Commissioning and parameter setting of the RXL controllers are carried out with the software tool or directly on the controller via the QAX34.3 room operating unit used as HandyTool. The parameters can be set via the room unit with no need for a network connection. These controllers also communicate with the Synco 700 controllers.

Key features

  • Energy savings up to 14% thanks eu.bac-certified controllers

  • Proprietary communication

  • Applications for heating, cooling, ventilation, and air conditioning

  • Economic integration into Synco and Desigo

  • Reduced training effort thanks to preloaded application set

  • Easy engineering with ACS commissioning tool and HandyTool

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