Communicating room controller – RXB (KNX)

RXB controllers – the open HVAC controller range for individual rooms based on KNX

The RXB controller range performs all HVAC functions while – for the control of lights and blinds – various devices are available from different manufacturers. This third-party equipment can be easily combined with RXB controller thanks to the clarity of the KNX specification, the certification procedure, and the use of ETS tool software.

Key features:

  • Energy savings of up to 14% ensured by eu.bac-certified products with high control accuracy

  • Economic communication solution

  • Applications for heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning

  • Open communication based on KNX® and applications certified by the KNX Association

  • Suited for use in connection with third-party products

  • Reduced training effort thanks to preloaded application set

  • Easy engineering with the ACS commissioning tool or ETS3 Professional and HandyTool

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