Water meters for warm and cold water

The water meters measure the exact consumption of warm or cold water and are conforming to MID.

WFW30 / WFK30

WFW30 watermeter

The mechanical single-jet impeller water meters for measuring the consumption of cold (WFK30..) or hot water (WFW30..) display the comulated water consumption. The dry-runner meters with a magnetic transmission and pivotable totalizer are made of brass. All water meters WFK30.. and WFW30.. can be retrofitted with electronic communication modules for AMR (WFZ16.MO), Walk-By (WFZ166.MO) and M-bus (WFZ31) readout, or without remote reading output. These meters are MID conform.

  • Metrological class, horizontal mounting of body = R80 (class B).

  • Metrological class, vertical mounting of body = R40 (class A).


WFW40 / WFK40

The mechanical single-jet impeller type meters are of compact design and used for measuring the consumption of cold (WFK40..) or hot water (WFW40..). They are available as wall-mounted dry runner versions in different sizes, with a flow measuring section body made of brass. The cumulated consumption value acquired by the water meter can either be read out on site, or remote. All water meters WFK40.. and WFW40.. can be retrofitted with a pulse modulle equipped with Reed contact (WFZ44) or Reed contact with Namur circuit (WFZ243). They conform to MID.

Metrologicaly, the water meters can be classified as follows:

  • Horizontal: R80

  • Vertical: R50

They are used primarily in domestic water systems in residential or nonresidential buildings and in water supply systems.