Energy efficiency and reduced CO2

How will Synco living help me save energy?

Synco™ living handles many tasks for you that reduce your energy consumption. For example, when you leave your home the system automatically turns off all the lights and reduces the room temperature.

Efficiency classes
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Intelligent control and automation saves thermal energy

The European Standard EN 15232 “Energy performance of buildings – impact of building automation and building management” places building automation systems into energy efficiency classes A to D. The Synco living system achieves a class A energy efficiency rating. As oil and gas prices continue to rise, an energy efficient home automation system translates into significantly lower energy bills – even in energy-efficient buildings with a large building envelope. Thanks to intelligent, high-precision controls as well as automation and energy saving functions, Synco living can save you up to 30% on your energy costs – without sacrificing comfort. For example, the system prevents unnecessary heating during the night or when no one is home by reducing the room temperature.


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Comfort that increases efficiency

The high control quality of Synco living ensures an even, comfortable room temperature and high energy efficiency at the same time. You can also directly influence how much energy you use, for example by reducing room temperature during time of absence and by adjusting the room temperature with a time switching program to fit your effective use times. And functions such as the automatic closing of all blinds are not only more convenient but save energy as well.