Operation features

Remote access: visualization and operation via browser and touchpanel

You have a modern Ethernet-based home network and would like to operate and monitor your home automation system Synco™ living via touchpanel or laptop, not only from within your home, but also from remote locations. In that case, web visualization ComBridge Studio Suite in connection with the microbox web server and a WLAN-compatible ADSL router offers you all kinds of choices. When making use of this convenient solution, the number of datapoints and graphic choices are unlimited.


  • Central apartment unit QAX9..3 (1)

  • Power supply N 125 (28)

  • KNX/IP controller N 350E (37)

  • Microbox F427B, 6ES7 647-7AE20-0AB0 (38)

  • Web visualization ComBridge Studio Suite 63101-32-5x (39)

  • WLAN-compatible ADSL router (40)

  • power supply LOGO! Power 24 / 4 A, 6EP1 332-1SH51(41)

For more examples please consult the Synco living application folder