Synco living

Synco­™ living can regulate, control, switch on, switch off, and display just about everything that makes life more comfortable for you.

Increasing comfort

Synco living - increaing comfort

Synco living can create the optimal cozy room climate as the system covers the following applications:

  • Controlling individual rooms: up to 12 rooms with floor heating or radiators

  • Heat generation: control of heating boiler to generate heat as needed by the rooms

  • Domestic hot water regulation: to generate hot water for the entire home

  • Ventilation control: for a ventilation system with up to three stages; control of kitchen exhaust hood

  • Air conditioning control: remote control of an air conditioning unit

Improving security

Integrating safety and security components into your system will improve your home’s safety and efficiency. Components include:

  • Water detection: more security in your kitchen and laundry room

  • Window and door monitoring: monitoring of up to six windows per room and two doors per house/apartment

Enhancing convenience

You can also integrate electrical installations and devices to make daily life more convenient, e.g. thanks to the following applications:

  • Lights and blinds: control of lights and blinds, including blanket commands like ALL OFF, scenes etc.

Facilitating operation

With Synco living, you can conveniently operate everything, e.g. via:

  • Remote control: adjust lighting, blinds, and scenes conveniently from the couch

  • Remote access: via PC or SmartPhone

  • Time programs: individual for each room and each switching group