Finished goods

From a product in neutral design to your own brand

In addition to its range of components, Siemens also offers a full range of KNX products delivered with no logo and in neutral packaging (part number with AA in Siemens code).

Items available in neutral or customized version include:

  • KNX power supplies

  • Line couplers

  • Bus coupling units / bus transceiver modules

  • Light and blind actuators

  • Push button interfaces

  • Occupancy sensors

  • DALI gateways

  • USB interfaces

  • IP routers / gateways

  • Thermostats

  • Sensors

OEM versions of other types of products can also be developed on request.

A few simple steps to customize a finished product

The finished products in neutral design can be easily adapted to become products with your brand name, even if only small quantities are involved. To be able to market the products under your brand name, follow these steps (a detailed description can be provided on request).

One-time steps (product database)

1. Change the VD file using the KNX manufacturer tool (MT4):
– Change the manufacturer code
– In the case of complex devices, adapt the ”Baggage files“ (Siemens provides support)
– Change product name, ordering no.,and catalog grouping
– Select the language versions – English and German are available as standard (other languages on request).

2. The adapted product requires registration by the KNX Association as a “derived product”. 

Steps to be followed for each single device

1. Change the manufacturer code and specific data: For that purpose, the device must be connected to the KNX bus. Then, call up the relevant EITT sequence provided by Siemens (EITT = KNX tool).
2. Adapt the product’s outer appearance: You can apply your own labeling and pack the product including your instructions according to your needs.