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Synco living

Synco living is the outstanding modular Homeautomation system from Siemens. It offers central operation and adapts all parameters for comfortable living, such as optimum room temperatures, air and light conditions, safety and security, plus economical use of energy and financial resources, to individual needs. The system can be dynamically matched to changing living conditions. Information within the system is transmitted either wire-bound (KNX TP) or via radio (KNX RF).

To be able to satisfy all kinds of requirements in the residential sector, today‘s Homeautomation systems must be compatible with a large number of systems on the market. Synco living offers absolute openness. This means that – now or later – you can integrate almost any type of system into your Synco living configuration conforming to international KNX standard.

On the following pages you will find our product range and an overview of applications with Synco living.