Synco 700 – communicating HVAC controller for buildings

RMU – universal controllers

RMU – Universal controllers

These heating controllers are used for basic to complex ventilation, air conditioning and chilled water plants. They can handle different variables like temperature, relative/ absolute humidity, (differential) pressure, airflow indoor air quality and enthalpy.

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RMS – switching and monitoring device

RMS – Switching and monitoring device

The RMS complements communicative Synco™ products as a freely configurable unit for control and supervisory functions in heating, ventilation and refrigeration plants.

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RMK – boiler sequence controllers

RMK - Boiler sequence controllers

The RMK modular heating controller includes supervisory functions for up to 6 boilers, for boiler temperature, heating circuit and precontrol. The controller offers a menu-driven operation with separate operator unit (plug-in type or detached).

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RMH – modular heating controllers

RMH - Modular heating controllers

The heating controller RMH can be used as a heating circuit controller and / or primary controller, boiler controller or domestic hot water controller. It offers a modular design for medium-size or large buildings with own heat source or a district heating connection.

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RMB – central control unit

RMB – Central control unit

The RMB795 central control unit affords central operation of room groups equipped with RXB room controllers with selectable time schedules, calendar and special day programs, preselected setpoints, trend functions, monitoring of highest/lowest temperatures and devices, and passing on of request signals to the primary side. Menu driven operation of the RMB795 is made possible with a plug-in type or detached operator unit.

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