Reference projects with Synco 700

Kooindah Waters Residential Golf & Spa Resort, Wyong/Australia

HVAC control for more user-friendliness and flexibility

The Kooindah Waters Residential Golf & Spa Resort is a combination of luxurious residential houses, hotel and 18-hole golf course in Wyong, Australia. Synco fulfills the various HVAC needs of the various facilities.

Tweed Shire Council, Murwillumbah/Australia

One HVAC control system for three different facilities

The Tweed Shire Council, situated in a picturesque region in Australia, is committed to meet the needs of the ratepayers, residents and clients with efficient service. To support this task from a comfort and efficiency point of view, Synco was installed in the council’s facilities.

Episcopal College, St. Vith/Belgium

New HVAC controls for increased energy efficiency and central control

The Episcopal College is situated in St. Vith, a small town in a beautiful region between Eifel and the Ardennes in the German-speaking part of Belgium. The college equipped its existing HVAC system with energy-efficient Synco products.

Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg, Roermond/Netherlands

Migration and extension of the HVAC control system for enhanced room comfort

Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg (WBL) is the executive organization of the regional water authorities “Peel en Maasvallei” and “Roer en Overmaas”. These water authorities are responsible for flood prevention and for clean and sufficient water supplies in the province of Limburg. Synco products satisfy the comfort needs of WBL’s employees.

Shopping Center Torvbyen in Fredrikstad/Norway

New HVAC plant for more energy efficiency

The integrated management, control and monitoring of all building technologies systems allows the shopping center Torvbyen in Norway to operate more efficiently. The Synco products have a positive effect on the operating costs.

Hotel Wienerwaldhof, Tullnerbach/Austria

New HVAC system for more flexibility and ease of operation

Hotel Wienerwaldhof is located in picturesque surroundings near Vienna. It offers ideal conditions for a relaxing holiday or an interesting seminar. Also, the hotel shall meet the comfort needs of all guests. The HVAC system has therefore been equipped with the latest and most advanced Synco devices.

Casino Zug, Zug/Switzerland

New HVAC system for more efficiency and ease of operation

Casino Zug has a long tradition as a theatre and venue. More than a hundred years after it was first opened, a new building automation and control system including leading-edge Synco products were installed in the popular Casino and its 30-year old extension building.

Chilematt Center, Unteraegeri/Switzerland

Efficient HVAC control system meets individual needs

Chilematt is a meeting center located in Aegeri valley in the central part of Switzerland. It accommodates a number of shops, a bank, apartments and the Aegerihalle with its three halls – the ideal place for any kind of event. The complete center has been equipped with leading-edge Synco devices to satisfy the requirements of the different types of building users.

Reka Holiday Village, Montfaucon/Switzerland

Modernization of the HVAC plant for ease of operation and enhanced efficiency

The Reka holiday village is located in the central part of the Jura Mountains and encompasses 6 double- and 25 single-family houses with the relevant infrastructure. After more than 17 years of operation, it was decided to upgrade the existing HVAC system from Siemens. Once again, the customer opted for a control system from Siemens – Synco.

Cultural Center Südpol, Lucerne/Switzerland

New HVAC system for enhanced comfort and optimum energy usage

In addition to public cultural activities, the Cultural Center Südpol is home to the School of Music of the City of Lucerne, the Lucerne Theatre, the Lucerne Simphony Orchestra and the Brassband Bürgermusik Lucerne. The various user groups place different requirements on room temperature and indoor air quality. Synco products satisfy all of these needs and ensure an ideal room climate at all times.

Playhouse Theatre, Durban/South Africa

Improved energy efficiency and a user-friendly HVAC control system

The Playhouse Company is the premier theatre organization in the city of Durban, South Africa. Siemens provided advanced Synco devices to modernize the existing electro-mechanical control system of the Playhouse Theatre.