Typical application examples for Synco controller


From straightforward temperature control to complex HVAC system master control, from individual rooms to residential buildings, Synco™ always offers right room controllers because the system grows along with the needs and enhances energy efficiency. Following you get some examples for the typical use of Synco room controllers.

Heating plant with heat generation, two heating circuits, DHW heating and Synco 700

Modular heating controller RMH760

  • Two controlled heating circuits

  • Four 7-day programs and yearly calendar

  • Control of DHW storage tank charging

  • Control of circulating pump

  • Boiler temperature control including multistage or modulating burner control

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Ventilation plant with room-supply air cascade control and Synco 700

Modular universal controller RMU730

  • Control and monitoring

  • Room temperature control with min/max limitation of the supply air temperature

  • Room humidity control via air humidifier

  • Limitation of supply air humidity

  • Mixed air damper with start-up control

  • 2-speed fan

  • 2-phase frost protection

  • 7-day program and yearly calendar

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