Energy efficiency with Synco

Intelligent and integrated building and room automation can produce considerable energy savings without sacrificing comfort.

The European Norm EN 15232 ("Energy performance of buildings – Impact of building automation") subdivides building automation into four energy efficiency classes from A to D. Energy efficiency class A, for example, states that energy savings in office spaces can reach 30% in relation to the standard. With Synco you get a prequisite to achive energy efficiency class A without sacrificing comfort.

Energy efficiency based on eu.bac certification

Controls bearing the eu.bac certification label, such as Synco RXB and RXL, stand for tested quality, control accuracy and energy efficiency in compliance with the relevant European Norms and international test standards. The respective tests are conducted by independent, accredited test bodies on behalf of the European Building Automation and Controls Association (eu.bac).

eu.bac certification stands for tested quality, control accuracy and energy efficiency