Energy efficiency

Building management starts with Desigo

Energy Efficiency with Desigo

With Desigo™ you can increase the energy efficiency of your building and react flexibly to changes in your building’s usage requirements – and so protect your investments over the long term.


  • Reduced energy costs combined with optimum room climate

  • Display of energy saving potentials through monitoring and indication of plant efficiency

  • Potential for future upgrading through open communication and compatibility

  • Building management across all disciplines for rapid decision-making and reliability

BACS efficiency classes – EN 15232

Desigo meets the European standard EN 15232 in the highest classes. Energy efficiency class A, for example, states that energy savings in office spaces can reach 30% in relation to the standard.

Certified energy efficiency - eu.bac

Energy saving proved building automation

Desigo's comprehensive system functionality serves as the basis for eu.bac system certification. Also, a number of Desigo room automation products include eu.bac product certification. The combination of both certifications ensures that systems and products meet the specified properties and quality to achieve the best possible energy efficiency in the building.

Monitoring functions with Green Leaf symbol

Green Leaf

Desigo shows the room user and the facility manager the building’s energy efficiency. The RoomOptiControl energy saving function signals unnecessary energy usage on the room operator unit through a color change of the Green Leaf symbol. At the same time, the Eco Monitoring system function of the Desigo Insight management station informs via Green Leaf symbol about the building’s efficiency.

Sustained energy efficiency

  • Only the units currently needed are switched on – thanks to exchange of information

  • Enhancement of the system's energy-optimized operation – thanks to tested and preprogrammed energy saving functions

  • Identifying new saving potentials and utilizing system synergies – thanks to integration of building systems

Managing energy on demand

  • Thanks to a continuous monitoring of process and consumption values with Desigo Insight

  • Thanks to report, trend analysis, and evaluation functions that identify energy saving potentials

  • Thanks to quick detection and elimination of energy discrepancies also via remote access