Desigo Total Room Automation (TRA)

Save up to 25% energy by involving room users

Green Leaf symbol for optimized room climate.

Desigo Total Room Automation (TRA) combines heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading into a coordinated and tested whole. In addition to the perfect interplay of all room disciplines, sophisticated functions optimize the energy consumption within each room. Rooms are supplied with the required amount of energy based on the
current demand. Time-based programs ensure that energy is requested and distributed only when a room is actually occupied. In addition, room users can play an active role in the energy management process by using the energy efficiency function RoomOptiControl and the Green Leaf symbol – lowering energy consumption by up to 25 percent.

Pleasant air quality in the workplace

A pleasant workplace climate improves concentration and has a positive effect on motivation and productivity. Desigo TRA’s innovative AirOptiControl application creates the ideal framework. It ensures that temperature, air quality and humidity limits are not exceeded and lowers energy consumption by up to 50 percent compared to a constant air volume system. In addition, communicating sensors measure and adjust the CO2 level in the
air as well as the humidity and room temperature.

Ideal lighting conditions for productive work

Through intelligent, energy-saving control of lighting and shading, Desigo TRA ensures optimized lighting conditions in the workplace. Artificial light e.g. is switched on/off depending on natural light and information from presence detectors and controlled by integrated brightness sensors. Blinds are optimally adjusted to minimize glare, to make use of natural light and to protect from the heat and the cold.

Maximum flexibility, minimal investment

The scalable system concept allows you to stagger your investments and offer potential tenants more design freedom. The basic design is limited to a minimalinstallation; after a new tenant signs up, it is expanded based on their requirements. Subdividing floors into room segments gives you maximum flexibility across the entire useful life of your building.
These room segments can be combined into rooms as needed. When the room arrangement and usage change, the system can be adapted quickly and easily-- without the need to modify electrical or HVAC installations...

Innovative technology to minimize maintenance costs

The Desigo TRA product range meets all functionality and installation requirements. In addition to room automation stations, it also includes operator units, pushbuttons, communicating sensors for wall and flush mounting as well as presence detectors with integrated brightness sensors. The Desigo TRA range also combines harmoniously with different switch designs from Siemens and frames from other manufacturers.
QMX3 room operator unit featuring Desigo Total Room Automation’s RoomOptiControl function received the “GebäudeEffizienz Award 2012” (building efficiency award) as the best automation product.

Intuitive room operation concept with the touch room operator unit QMX7

The touch room operator unit QMX7 was designed to control lights, blinds and scenes and to operate heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in offices, conference rooms and hotels. Based on web technology, the unit features an intuitive touch control concept. The icons and text strings can be configured as needed based on the preferences and requirements of the room user.

The QMX7 includes the Green Leaf symbol which received the GebäudeEffizienz Award 2012. It actively involves the room users in the energy savings process and thus contributes to sustainable and energy-efficient room usage.

Highlights Desigo Total Room Automation

  • The right product for any installation requirement

  • Easy integration because of open communication standards

  • Fast commissioning using plug-and-play products and predefined applications

  • Reliability of an experienced, competent partner

  • Investment protection across the entire life cycle

  • Meeting global and European standards