tx2 Economizer

Reduce energy consumption and operating costs of complete air conditioning plants while benefiting from optimum room comfort

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Desigo tx2 Economizer controls air conditioning plants with a focus on energy and CO2 optimization. The air supplied to the rooms is always conditioned by utilizing the most favorably priced form of energy. Using the patented process, the air conditioning costs are continually calculated to be able to choose the cheapest air handling method. If, for example, a plant calls for cooling in the summer, the application selects the most suitable way of cooling, depending on energy costs: For example cooling coil, air humidifier or a combination of both. The tx2 Economizer ensures the required comfort level and delivers energy savings of up to 50% compared with conventional air conditioning systems.



  • Targeted usage of the most favorably priced form of energy and of the associated heating or cooling method

  • Cost savings based on a selectable setpoint zone for temperature and humidity

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The comfort zone is selected with the help of the graphic user interface of the Desigo CC building management platform and is clearly presented on the h,x chart.