Active energy management by room users

Desigo™ Total Room Automation (TRA) provides the innovative and unique RoomOptiControl energy efficiency function. The innovative feature, detects unnecessary energy consumption and alerts users by changing the color of the Green Leaf symbol on the room operator unit from green to red. To reset the room controller to energy-efficient operation without loss of comfort, the user simply presses the symbol. The Green Leaf symbol returns to green. Studies conducted by Technische Universität München (TUM) suggest that energy consumption can be reduced by up to 25 percent if room users optimize their energy behavior. Desigo TRA's Green Leaf symbol allows room users to become actively involved in the energy saving process, thus helping lower energy consumption.

Using individually preprogrammed "scenes" stored in the room operator unit, you can change the room conditions simply by pressing a button. The scenes select the room temperature, ventilation, shading and lighting appropriate for each situation. For a presentation, the light is dimmed and the shades are lowered while during a break, lighting and ventilation are turned on and the heating is turned down.