Eco Monitoring: energy management based on demand

State-of-the-art building automation and control systems are designed to ensure energy-optimum operation. But due to normal plant operation and user influence, initially optimized settings can drift, leading to increased energy consumption and maintenance costs.

For this reason, monitoring of plant is mandatory, especially when considering that present and future international standards, such as EN 15232 or DIN ISO 50001, call increasingly for more energy efficiency, aimed at operating buildings optimally over their entire life cycle.

The Desigo™ Eco Monitoring function is the first system function on the market that offers intuitive access the decision criteria to ensure economical operation of plant. But Desigo Eco Monitoring is more than just an energy saving function. It is capable of automatically detecting unfavorable operation of primary plant at an early stage, thus optimizing energy usage and wear. Thanks to its dynamic behavior – in contrast to static reporting functions – Desigo Eco Monitoring allows the facility manager to intervene in due time before damage or high energy consumption occurs.

Unfavorable plant operation is indicated to the facility manager by the Green Leaf symbol on the management platform.

The Green Leaf indicates the current state of plant efficiency. If required, Desigo CC also informs directly about unusual events via SMS, pager or e-mail.