Desigo PX operator units

For plant monitoring, you can choose from a variety of operating options featuring intuitive user guidance and graphic display of information. These include simple operator units, touch panels optimized for finger operation as well as a convenient Web operation.

Desigo touchpanel PXM40/PXM50 – with web interface PXG3.W100

  • Intuitive and innovative plant operation at your fingertips

  • High-resolution capacitive display

  • Wide screen display adapted to UI concept

  • High-quality aluminum frame

  • Consistent and fully finger-compatible operation

  • Optimized for panel door mounting, no additional mounting material required

  • Permanent plant monitoring – 7/24 operation

  • Operation of one or several plants/automation stations

  • Remote operation with standard web browser via PXG3.W100


  • Alarm indication via LED, also in standby mode

  • Graphical system view

  • Alarm list for alarm monitoring

  • Unique graphical time scheduler adjustment

  • Favorite view with selected data points

  • Graphical trend view

  • Integrated web solution; scalable plant operation

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Desigo PXM20 – operator unit for networkable BACnet operation

Desigo PXM20 – operator unit for networkable BACnet operation

The network-compatible operator unit affords uniform operation of the different building systems at the automation level. The PXM20 can be used for all plants, either on site or decentrally. It can be installed in a control panel or plugged into a modular automation station of the PXC...-U line.


  • Graphical display of plant and operating states, manual interventions, alarms, trends, and time schedules

  • Easy to program – plug and play

  • Optical and acoustic indication of errors


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Desigo PXM10 – operator unit for local operation

Desigo PXM10 – operator unit for local operation


Simple operation of an automation station:

– Graphical display with high resolution

– Operation via multifunctional select-and-push knob


  • Display of plant operating state with the most important values

  • Changing setpoints

  • Alarm display with confirmation function

  • Time switch programs


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Desigo PX Web – location-independent operation

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  • Access anytime and from anywhere with standard Web clients

  • Simple alarming via SMS or with Ethernet connection via e-mail

  • Optimized for relatively small plants without building management system

  • Simple installation, commissioning and operation

  • Immediately ready to operate and configurable for customer-specific needs