Monitoring & reporting support simple, plausible operation and optimization in energy-efficient buildings

Monitoring solutions

Workflows on the user interface for a building automation and control system are highly complex: Easy-to-understand graphical displays are in demand.

This also includes simple, plausible operation with monitoring solutions.

  • Trend Viewer – targeted operational optimization

  • Alarm Viewer – quick elimination of faults

  • Energy Report – comparison actual and target values

  • Eco Monitoring – intervention in due time to save energy

Trend Viewer – targeted operational optimization

Historical and real-time data processing allows for fast and targeted operational optimization.

Uniform operation appropriate to the user increases the transparency and reduces maintenance costs of all the electrical and mechanical installations in the building.

Alarm Viewer – quick elimination of faults

Detailed alarm overview of multiple buildings based on centralized recording, processing and evaluation of alarms for all integrated systems.

Powerful alarm routing allows for operational alarm forwarding via SMS, fax, email or pager, regardless of where the operator is located and whether someone is actually sitting at the management station.

Energy Report – comparison of actual and target values

The wizard-supported application delivers statistical analyses of energy-related data:

  • Energy consumption

  • Energy costs

  • Consolidated energy costs

  • CO2 emissions

  • Yearly heating report corrected with degree days

This allows you to compare measurement categories with target values (budgeted).

Eco Monitoring – Intervention in due time to save energy

Eco Monitoring is more than just an energy-saving function. It is capable of automatically detecting unfavorable operation of primary plant at an early stage, thus optimizing energy usage and wear. Thanks to its dynamic behavior - in contrast to static reporting functions - Eco Monitoring allows the facility manager to intervene in due time before damage or high energy consumption occurs.